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A-spect. Bygg(a) kunskap.




EU’s open construction market means that more and more foreign companies are interested in doing business in Sweden.

Are you starting to operate in the Swedish market? Do you need help in understanding the system on which the Swedish construction industry is based? We can help you navigate the maze of laws and regulations as well as understand the collective agreement, teach you the standards, structure of agreements and the principles of functioning and culture of this industry.


We offer expert assistance in contacts with Swedish construction companies, in tender procedures, in handling contract documentation and in communication with trade unions and authorities.
We help enterprises establish contacts with Swedish companies, prepare offers and company presentations. We provide support at business meetings and negotiations.

With our help our Clients can focus on their business while we attend to the matters that usually cause the most concern.


Construction companies in Sweden have to comply with very demanding requirements as to the construction documents. They have to prove that they operate in compliance with industry rules and standards in terms of workforce safety, quality of work as well as environmental protection.

We offer assistance in developing all documentation necessary for professional operation in the Swedish market, i.e. quality plans, health and safety plans etc. according to current standards.

We also translate site layout plans, technical drawings and construction documents.


Conducting business in a foreign country requires excellent knowledge of the market as well as the local culture. Cultural awareness is an important factor that may open the way for successful business meetings and especially for good cooperation between workers from different countries.

Swedish are often apprehensive about cultural differences and cases of culture-related misunderstanding, which may seriously disrupt business cooperation.

We will help you understand other cultures, in particular with respect to business. We organize training sessions and lectures tailored to the client’s needs.